Effective Local Government 2021:

Territorial Self-government Units Secretaries Survey Report

The aim of the study discussed here was to find out the situation of Polish local governments in 2021 and to identify changes that have occurred in this sphere since 2016, i.e. since the previous research. The situation of self-governments was examined from the point of view of gmina secretaries, i.e. persons responsible for the management of offices and for improving the qualifications of the officials working there. As many as 2,477 gminas were invited to participate in the survey, and 2123 completed questionnaires were received, which means that the survey can be regarded as having been carried out on the entire population

Author of the report: Joanna Konieczna-Sałamatin

Research methodology and tools: Cezary Trutkowski

Translation: Kancelaria Środa

Pages: 50

Published: 2021

The research was supported by the Council of Europe

ISBN: 978-83-64748-17-2